Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Cheesecake!

Fall is indeed my favorite season.  Every year I look forward to going apple picking, decorating pumpkins, and picking out a costume for my little boy.  But nothing makes me happier about Fall than all the LOVELY flavors it inspires (besides the MUCH cooler weather, of course--in SoCal we say that Summer ends on Halloween lol)!   There's just something about it that makes me want to bake! And bake!  And bake! 

You will find a few of those flavors here, in my signature dessert, Holiday Cheesecake.  I created this many years ago and it's still a family (and friend's and pretty much anyone who has ever tried it) favorite.  If you're ever with us for Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or maybe even New Year's I assure you will get to try it!  With Rum, citrus, spice, homemade caramel, and homemade whipped cream it just screams "Happy Holidays" from the plate! 

One year when I was selling this cheesecake my boy was very small.  When people would come for pick up he would hear us say to each other, "Happy Thanksgiving!"  He wasn't quite able to say "Thanksgiving" but he could say "cheesecake" and so he started saying, "Happy Cheesecake!" And, indeed, it does make you happy!

A warm cup of tea, a slice of Holiday Cheesecake, and a cool breeze.  That's about all I need this time of year.  Try it for yourself and you'll see what I mean.  Happy Fall! Or should I say, "Happy Cheesecake!"

$30.00, feeds 12-16 people.  Also available in Gluten Free for $35.00.  To place an order please email me at

  All orders much be placed at least 48hrs in advance of drop off/pick up time.  Free delivery within 20 mile radius from San Bernadino, CA.  Further distances please inquire.  Wedding cakes, cup cakes, cookies and more desserts are also available upon request.